Leather is a natural material, durable and versatile that surrounds us in many everyday objects.

In order to take full advantage of its potential, DLO IMPORT-EXPORT held constant search for new productions in quality skin for the world of travels, the luggage, small leather goods, furnishing accessories, etc...  


We develop projects in leather for numerous types of use, internally and in collaboration with experienced craftsmen in the industry.

Discover Our product collection DLO, luggage, small leather goods, furniture, etc. ... all made of leather car. Sports and original the final yield of each object.

Combine a practical hand luggage, DLO Weekend, to the interior of your car!  


Follow our e-Shop updated with the new availability of products: retail purchase, as unique pieces and/or reproducible and customizable on demand minimal.

Choice of leather, stitching, model, branding etc ... are just some of the customizations available on request minimal contact us for more information.