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    since 1988 - DLO trade Automotive leather and production of leather car interiors

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    Selected high quality materials

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    Manufacturing craftsmanship experience

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    ELItron- specialized automated cutting

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    Assembly and disassembly at our company

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    DLO Import-Export, international trade

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    Style, passion, design



DLO IMPORT EXPORT is a company established since the 1988 for the creation and production of leather interiors for cars of all brands and in national and international trade of quality leather .  
We have an archive of over 500 models of cars from the 90s to today's, constantly updated according to the demands of the market and our customers.
For DLO IMPORT EXPORT the quality of the Automotive leather, chosen among the best on the market, is supported by a great attention to detail in the production process and customization of your car interior. In our upholstery you will coat all the car parts made in fabric, and not only: Steering wheels, small parts, dashboards ...
The care of handcraft production, integrated with a system of automatic cutting machines (ELITRON technology), allows us to work from the single production to the serial ones.  
All our creations are made with Italian tanning cowhides, treated and tested specifically as a fuction of the final application (car upholstery, aeronautics, furnitures ...).
Modeling, selection of leathers, cutting, sewing, assembly, are work, performed entirely in place, step by step by our specialized staff.
A 100% Made in Italy that will enhance the interior of your car in terms of strength and elegance.  
The skin and 'a natural material, durable and versatile that surrounds us in many everyday objects.
DLO IMPORT-EXPORT held constant search for new artisanal productions in quality leather in the world of travel, sport, leather goods, accessories, promotional items... for branding.
We invite you to visit the section "Leather Creations", the company Outlet.
Our services are dedicated to individuals, car dealers, series producers, exclusive productions. designers, traders, upholsterers, etc.
 A receptive and international company, we deal with the trade of quality leather: specialized in cowhide with Automotive specifications, supplied by the best Italian tanneries.
We sell genuine leather wholesale and retail, in Italy and abroad.
Is a truly passion. Contact us!
* English speaking company
** Open from Monday to Friday:  8.30/12.30 , 14.00/18.00